Seattle-based label Uniting Souls Music is on a roll with its third solid release of 2012. Presenting Adnan Sharif's "WeR1," a 3-track package sure to heat up the dance floor and burn up the charts. "WeR1" combines the rhythmic soulfulness of old school deep house with the bass-heavy, tech-oriented vibe of the new school. Warm keys, dubby percussion, sultry strings, and some fine vocal drops from Bay Area singer Light Searcher make "WeR1" a solid addition to DJ sets looking for some of that west coast deep house magic. Two of Seattle's most prolific artists deliver the goods on the remixes. First comes Pezzner in classic form, creating a textured progression with a ridiculous build designed for peak moments within the deepest of deep DJ sets. Next up is Michael Manahan with his Appeasing the Gods Remix. It's an ultra deep dose of four-on-the-floor lushness with a minimalistic approach, laced thick with that chill and spiritual Pacific Northwest vibe. Absolutely perfect for the late night/early morning hours.


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Artist : Adnan Sharif
Release Title : WeR1
Label : Uniting Souls Music
Remixers: Dave Pezzner, Michael Manahan
Styles : West Coast Deep House
Release Date: April 3, 2012

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