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Uniting Souls presents… a special edition of

featuring a live set by Desert Trax recording artist

:::: DRUMSPYDER ::::



featuring Live Vocals by ILEN HALOGRAM

+ tribal, mystic dance performances

Local support:

:::: MADLY IN DUB (Live trio) ::::



:::: RONNIE RAIN ::::



::: Live Visuals by Jeremy Cooper & IAMHALO’s Audrey Lane :::

::: Live Painting by Tay Donarski ::::

::: Live Tank Drum Interlude by Abhin P. ::::

:::: Multi-Sensory Healing Arts Room :::
Curated by Erika Frank & 7-Chakra Sisters

Substation, 645 NW 45th St, Seattle
21+ 10pm-2am

Limited number of $16 adv tickets go on sale 2/22 at 11am:


DRUMSPYDER (Desert Trax, SF)
Scott Sterling, AKA Drumspyder, brings a deep love of rhythm, drums, and dance to his distinctive style of organic, tribal folktronica. An expert percussionist specializing in tamborines and framedrums, he weaves together intricate hand percussion and electronic sounds into finely sculpted grooves, equally inspirational to the dancefloor and the on-stage performer. Drawing inspiration primarily from the old music of Europe and the Mediterranean, his music is a unique alchemy of musical traditions, energetic tribal rhythms, and sensual pagan atmosphere.

Originating in San Francisco’s crucible of bellydance, bass culture, and world music fusion, Drumspyder has come into his own as an original producer, building a substantial catalog of work on the Caravan, Dakini, and Desert Trax labels, then striking out on his own with 3 original EPs released independently since 2015. He is a prolific remixer, lending his signature live percussion and melodic touch to the Desert Dwellers, Deya Dova, Wildlight, and various traditional ensembles. His music has been featured in numerous dance DVDs and theatrical productions.

2016 and 2017 saw Drumspyder lighting up festival stages throughout the US and Canada, including Imagine, Symbiosis Eclipse, Atmosphere, Blessed Coast, 3 Days of Light, and many more. Help us give him a warm welcome back to Seattle as we once again team him up with Ilen Halogram and IAMHALO for an intimate, electrifying performance!


The cosmic chemistry that brought together Seattle-based trio Madly in Dub is woven into each beat they transmit. There’s a connection, an openness, an aliveness that’s right here and now. It’s a love story, a story that’s still being formed as its being told…
Like the constellation of any relationship, Michelle and Todd’s creative partnership plus the dynamic and interplay of Colby represents an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts. In a live setting you’ll be drawn to them — heads nodding, lights blinking, fingers strumming, fully flowing in their glowing cauldron-like formation — it’s mysteriously magnetizing. Surrounding them on all sides, the dancers become part of the orchestration.
Madly in Dub’s medium is their music, shaped by the ever-evolving technology that links them together. They love playing with the dynamics of forced constraints and flow. Navigating the moment, deep in improvisation, witnessing and becoming…magic, melodic, moving sounds.
With their sincere kindness and commitment to building community, Madly in Dub have captured the heart of Seattle’s dance music underground. Only the dreamers know it’s real — Monkey Loft rooftop jams, Cascadia festival escapades, late night garden grooves and celebrating a release on Uniting Souls Music, with bubbling collaborations and a deep well of opportunities rising… It’s all in alignment with a growing desire for the band to be a channel for that precious resource: a feeling of love & belonging.

Coming to a dancefloor near you…
Found in sound, at the center of your heart.
Madly in Dub are Colby Davis, Michelle Pruitt and Todd Pruitt