"Upon meeting Ramiro Gutierrez, with his soft-spoken and articulate demeanor, it doesn't take long for me to pick up on how his love for what he does as ...

Derrick Deep

Derricks’ roots with House Music began over 15 years ago in San Francisco, where he was truly inspired by some of most influential artists of Underground House. Now, a well-known ...


Sean Swanky

Sprouted from luscious flora of the Pacific north west (Seattle, WA (US)) Sean discovered his calling into the world of electronic music through the dirtyness of 2-step and garage and ...


Tait Collins

Tait is a positive force who’s woven into the fabric of Seattle’s underground music community. A builder of creative alliances, beautiful spaces and tough beats, Tait’s evolution as an artist ...



GriffinGrrl is the new DJ alias of Emily Griffin, intent on amplifying the fierce beauty of this moment and aligning forces with the Seattle community who inspired her through major ...


Jeromy Nail

                A staple of Seattle’s underground house music community since the early 00′s, Jeromy has performed alongside artists such as Miguel Migs & Lisa ...



      Born and raised in Portland, Mercedes was submerged in a musical culture from a very young age. Raised in an environment influenced by her Afro-Cuban roots while ...


Jordan Strong

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