USM 011 – Adnan Sharif – WeR1

Seattle-based label Uniting Souls Music is on a roll with its third solid release of 2012. Presenting Adnan Sharif's "WeR1," a 3-track package sure to heat up the dance floor ...

USM010_Regulate_ CoverArt_

USM010 – Michael Manahan – Regulate the Deep

Now available on Beatport at The vocalist on our new release by Michael Manahan is Ilen Halogram, a professional singer, dancer & actress, who has performed in over 40 ...


USM009 – Neiro – Park Authority EP

USM009 – Neiro – Park Authority EP   Artist : Neiro Release Title : Park Authority EP Label : Uniting Souls Music Styles : Deep House / Tech House   ...


Uniting Souls Music on

"Uniting Souls has contributed to setting standards as to what the Seattle electronic music community has to offer on a local and international level. It is because of organizations like ...


USM008 – Jordan Strong – Highlights in Low Light (full-length album)

  “Highlights in Low Light,” Jordan Strong’s artist album consisting of 7 original tracks & remixes, is available exclusively on Beatport, starting July 12th. Full distribution will be available on ...


USM007 – Download The Future – The Architects

  “Download The Future” is the latest Uniting Souls release, featuring an original dance floor stomper by Portland house duo The Architects (aka Aarta & Douglas Delafresca)! Remixes include a ...


USM006 – Telemath – The Architechs (feat. Pete Moss remix)

  A) Telemath – The Architechs (Original Mix) B) Telemath – Pete Moss (All Plugged-In Mix) Portland’s dynamic house duo The Architechs drop their debut release on Uniting Souls! A ...


USM005 – Jordan Strong “Be The Light” (Remix by C-PEN)

Jordan Strong Be the Light 1. Be the Light (7:57) 2. C-Pen’s Remix (7:43) Following a string of four consecutive sold-out releases, by the likes of Alexander East, Olivier Desmet, ...


USM004- Mister Leisure – Don’t Clap Your Hands (feat. LCG & Brett Johnson remixes)

USM004 – Mister Leisure – Don’t Clap Your Hands A1) Original A2) Brett Johnson’s Robot Karate Mix B1) LawnChair Generals LCG Remix B2) Jeromy Nail & Lurob’s Altruistic Dub The ...


USM003 – Not Boyfriend Material – Seattle Sessions v1 EP

USM003 – Seattle Sessions v2 – Not Boyfriend Material Seattle home-brewed producer Mat Anderson (aka Not Boyfriend Material) delivers 3 solid tracks on the first Seattle Sessions EP A) My ...

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