"Uniting Souls has contributed to setting standards as to what the Seattle electronic music community has to offer on a local and international level. It is because of organizations like Uniting Souls that Seattle is a favorite stop among touring electronic musicians.  With e-mail, cell phones, cheap flights, declining costs in music production, and the explosion of information technology, the face of the global music community is rapidly changing, but it is collectives like Uniting Souls that are evolving right alongside to help define and retain humanness in the often impersonal world we've created."

                   -The Stranger (Seattle's Largest Weekly)

                                       Speaker Freak (Apr 25 – May 1, 2002 )


Uniting (not United) – present tense, action, bringing together

Souls – humans, people, artists, dancers, groovers, creators, spiritual beings


UNITING SOULS specializes in creating world-class events designed to build community through musical and creative statement. Over the past decade, with the support of many friends & family, Uniting Souls has solidified a reputation as Seattle's premier underground house music organization.

In the early '90s, during his early college years in San Francisco, founder Ramiro Gutierrez drew inspiration from the communal and progressive elements which then permeated the Bay Area's electronic music culture. In 1995, with the help of a few friends, Ramiro began producing his own events, promoting community among an emerging group of artists and musicians, while showcasing their work. By 1997, Uniting Souls was born. Ramiro worked actively through the power of house music, producing over 100 shows in SF through the late 90s, and several more in Los Angeles, quickly gaining a reputation for world-class events with down-to-earth, incredibly good vibes!

In the year 2000, Ramiro & Uniting Souls’ new home became Seattle. Since then, Ramiro & Uniting Souls have earned a reputation as "an inextinguishable accelerant of Seattle's house scene" (Seattle Weekly 10/29/03), producing over 400 events in the Northwest, featuring top-tier local, national, and international talent. Regular & rotating guests include Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Doc Martin, Little Louie Vega, Marques Wyatt, Johnny Fiasco, Kaskade, Miguel Migs & Lisa Shaw, Jimpster, Inland Knights, Claude von Stroke, Justin Martin, Luke Solomon, Wolf + Lamb, Catz-n-Dogz, DJ Heather, Colette, Roy Davis Jr., Julius Papp, Andy Caldwell, Mark Grant, Mazi, Fred Everything, Joshua Iz, Diz, Dubtribe Sound System, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Petalpusher, and hundreds of others – keeping the vibe alive, and laying the foundation for a strong, art-minded community, one which continues to expand with the passing years. Uniting Souls has also co-produced annual showcase events & boat parties with Seattle's Decibel Festival since its inception, as well as co-producing the Magnetic/Kinetic event series at The Pacific Science Center with Infinite Connections.

Over the past decade, we’ve also proudly produced all of Om Records' major tour stops and record-release parties in Seattle. And we've proudly presented the Seattle debut of the following artists: Kaskade, Inland Knights, Claude von Stroke, Jimpster, Chuck Love, Lisa Shaw, Alexander East, Raoul Belmans, Mastiksoul, The Littlemen, Massimo Dacosta, Justin Long, Rithma, Troydon, Eddie Leader, Joey Youngman, GIOM, J.Phlip, Joshua Heath, Jay West, Greenskeepers, Petalpusher, Uneaq, Soulstice, aFRO-mYSTIK, and many more!

UNITING SOULS MUSIC is an independent record label based in Seattle, specializing in house music. Evolving from Uniting Souls the event production company, Uniting Souls Music is fueled by our desire to showcase the talents of skilled producers within our friends & family, our local Pacific Northwest community, and in the electronic music community-at-large, whose vision, innovation, creative spirit, and affinity for expression through dance music yearn to be shared with the rest of the world!

USM features 4 consecutive sold-out releases, by artists including Alexander East, Olivier Desmet, Johnny Fiasco & Jon Lemmon (Willie Diggs), Mister Leisure, LawnChair Generals, Brett Johnson, Mat Anderson/Not Boyfriend Material, C-PEN, and Jordan Strong. Our latest 2 original releases by Portland house duo The Architects feature remixes by veteran Philly producer Pete Moss, and Los Angeles' Nonfiction and Easily Influenced.

Uniting Souls Music has licensed tracks to San Francisco's legendary Om Records (for DJ Heather & Onionz' Summer Sessions double-disc), Vancouver B.C.'s NordicTrax, and Belgium's Beaubar. We've also produced label showcases in New York & at WMC in South Beach Miami.

PREVIOUS BOOKINGS include 700(+)  shows over the past 15 years. We've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented artists in the world of electronic music, crossing over many genres.   Previous and regular rotating guests include Doc Martin, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Kaskade, Johnny Fiasco, Jimpster, Inland Knights, Marques Wyatt, Derrick Carter, Little Louie Vega, Wolf + Lamb, Ripperton, Raoul Belmans, DJ Heather, Colette, Roy Davis Jr., Julius Papp, Andy Caldwell, Mark Grant, DJ Garth, Jeno, Luke Solomon, Mazi, Fred Everything, Joshua Iz, Diz, Jason Hodges, JT Donaldson, Lance DeSardi, Jacob London, LawnChair Generals, Pezzner, Gadi Mizrahi (Wolf + Lamb), Greenskeepers, James Curd, Phil Weeks, Justin Martin, Claude vonStroke, Catz-n-Dogz, Tanner Ross, Kevin Yost, Boo Williams, Gene Farris, Onionz, Joeski, King Britt, DJ Buck, John Howard, RaSoul, Brett Johnson, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Lady D, Dayhota, Alexander East, The Littlemen, Luke McKeehan, Pete Moss, Troydon, Jay-J, Joey Youngman, Justin Long, Massimo Dacosta, Mastiksoul, Hector Morales, Olivier Desmet, Taj, Solar, Galen, Mark E Quark, Jon Lemmon, Tres Manos, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Tim Love Lee, Dubtribe Sound System, Petalpusher, Uneaq, Soulstice, aFRO-mYSTIK, Jay West, DJ Fluid, J-Boogie, Mei-Lwun, Jonene, Rithma, Giom, Stacy Kidd, Julius The Mad Thinker, Joshua Heath, Pete Dafeet, DJ Mes, Sunshine Jones, Demarkus Lewis, The Shapeshifters, Aquanote, Tim Fuller, Eddie Leader, and many many others.